How do I apply for a Building Consent?

Application forms

There are a variety of forms that need to be submitted as part of a building consent application. The selection of forms required is determined by the nature of the building project you are undertaking.

In order to make the application process as simple as possible we have grouped the relevant forms and information guidance by building project. You can find these documents in the Application Forms & Guidance Documents section.

Please ensure that you review all applicable documents for the type of project you are proposing. If you fail to provide a required document, or fail to fill it out correctly then it will be returned to you and your application will be delayed.

Building Consent Initial Fees and Other Charges

In addition to submitting the required forms you will need to also make payment of a Building Consent Initial Fee, before your application can progress. There are a number of fees and charges associated with the Building Consent process and associated building control services. For a full list of these please review IS BCF – Building Consent Fees Schedule.

We also have an easy to use calculator (AF CALC) to help you assess the fees that will be directly associated with your building consent.

Submitting your application- Sharefile

To assist with the electronic submission of Building Consent application documents we have established the Sharefile Portal. This portal can be used to upload electronic application forms and files to support the processing of your applications.

Click here to access Sharefile.

Checking for Acceptability

After being received all building consent applications undergo a recieving check by the Building Support team and an acceptance check by the Processing team to ensure that all required documentation has been provided, fees have been paid and the plans and specification are of sufficient quality to allow processing to commence. This forms part of the Section 45 check required by the NZ Building Act (2004).

This check should be complete within 48 hours of submitting your application. However, if further information is required your application will remain on hold until the requested information is provided or required actions (e.g. fees payment) are completed.


Once your application is accepted it is lodged in our system and it is then allocated to a Building Control Officer for processing.

There is a statutory maximum timeframe of 20 working days for the processing of a Building Consent.

MBIE have defined that working day means a day of the week other than:

  • Saturday, Sunday, Good Friday, Easter Monday, Anzac Day, the Queen’s Birthday, Labour Day, and Waitangi Day 
  • Note: if Waitangi Day or Anzac Day falls on a Saturday or a Sunday, then the following Monday is 
  • Otago anniversary day
  • The period beginning on 20th December and ending on 10th January in the following year.

Delays associated with requesting further information (RFI) will result in the processing clock being stopped until the requested information has been received. You can keep track of any RFI correspondence that is communicated between QLDC and your agent through our eDocs system.