Land Information Memorandum (LIM)

What is a LIM?

A Land Information Memorandum (LIM) is a document that provides information held by the Council about a specific property. LIM's are commonly used by people such as prospective purchasers and sellers of a property, lawyers, real estate agents and valuers. People are encouraged to get a LIM when considering whether to purchase a property as it could disclose information that could influence your decision.


What information will be in the LIM?

A LIM will contain all or any of the following, as applicable:

  • Official address, legal description, and unit/flat number.
  • Special land features or characteristics including known hazards for example potential for erosion, slippage, subsidence or flooding.
  • Private and public stormwater and sewerage (wastewater) drains as shown in the Council records.
  • Rates information for example annual rates payable and rates outstanding on the property.
  • Planning information - any resource consents or requisitions affecting the land, and information on zonings and designations. Information relating to the use to which the land may be put and conditions attached to that use.
  • Health information - any licences, registrations or requisitions, for example for food premises, health facilities.
  • Subdivision and developments - any known developments.
  • Building - any building consents/permits, code compliance certificates, existence of a swimming pool.
  • Information given to the Council about the land or buildings and/or site designations imposed by any statutory body, for example Historic Places Trust.
  • Any other information that the Council considers (at its discretion) to be relevant.

Please note that a LIM can only provide information that the Council has on its records.
The Council may not have all the information required to make a sound decision about purchasing the property, therefore you should inspect the site and also get expert opinion on the property.

What information is not in a LIM?

A LIM will not provide full details of building restrictions applying to a site. If you are intending to buy a property for a particular future development or use check your proposal against the rules of the District Plan.

The Council cannot guarantee the accuracy of the information held on its files to match the property. It is important to realise that the LIM process does not involve any physical site inspection to compare accuracy of information, and it remains your responsibility to obtain appropriate independent professional advice.

Copies of Building Plans and Specifications are not included in the LIM. They are available for viewing on our online portal eDocs by searching the relevant application number. Please note the LIM report itself is not available here as it is a confidential document.

How long does it take ?

A LIM takes 10 working days to process. 

QLDC no longer has the option for a 'speedy' LIM.  

Further details including the cost of each option and payment methods are explained on the application form below.

How do I apply for a LIM?

Please complete the application form in full and provide all of the necessary associated information. 

Download: AF LIM Land Information Memorandum Application Form (266KB) (Updated 01 Jul 18)

Then you can submit your application by email to

What is the fee?

As of 01 Jul 18:

  • Residential $230.00
  • Commercial $350.00

 QLDC no longer has the option for a 'speedy' LIM.