Solid or Liquid Fuel Burners

A building consent is required to install or move solid or liquid fuel heaters.  After installation you will need to apply for a code compliance certificate, this will allow for a final inspection to be booked.  You must not use your fire until the code compliance certificate has been obtained. 

Building consent

1. Apply for building consent via Sharefile with the following information;

  • Application form (Form 2)
  • Checksheet (CS19SFLH)
  • Proof of ownership
  • Full floor plans showing the burner and smoke detectors (we may have plans for your property you can access on eDocs).  Diesel tank location.
  • Elevations, sections and other details depending on whether you are installing/modifying a flue or chimney or making alterations to accommodate the new fireplace. 
  • Product specifications including flue and flashing details
  • Plumbing schematic for wetbacks
  • Pay fees

2. Approved documentation and installation;

After approval you will be sent a link to the approved documents.  Ensure all approved documents are printed off and install heater in accordance with the approved documents.

3. Apply for a code compliance certificate (CCC) via Sharefile with the following information;

After review of these documents we will advise you when an inspection can be booked.

4. Book inspection. 

A building inspector will check the burner installation is in accordance with the approved plans and confirm the outcome (pass or fail).  

5. Code Compliance Certificate 

After the application has been assessed and the inspection has passed you will be issued with a Code Compliance Certificate allowing the burner to be used.

Other information

See other information at can be found at;