Certificate of Acceptance

What is it?

A Certificate of Acceptance (COA) may be issued by QLDC for work that requires a building consent, but has been carried out without that consent having first been obtained.

It allows for certification of work that has, for example, been carried out urgently because of safety issues and where there has not been time to apply for and obtain a consent because of an emergency.

The building work still has to conform to the Building Code.

Only building work undertaken after 01 Jul 1992 can be considered for a Certificate of Acceptance.


If you apply for a Certificate of Acceptance you will need to provide evidence (usually from a professional such as an engineer) of how the work complies with the Building Code, including those parts of the work that we cannot inspect. The application may be for all or part of a building.

The Application for Certificate of Acceptance form must be filled in, submitted and the application fee paid.

Download QLDC Form 8: Certificate of Acceptance (PDF) (01 Jul 13)

Acceptance of application

If QLDC is prepared to accept the application, detailed plans and specifications of the work will need to be lodged, just as for a Building Consent application.

Grant or decline?

After necessary investigation, the application for a Certificate of Acceptance is either granted then issued, or declined.

A declined application necessitates a Notice to Fix being issued. This specifies what remedial work is required to ensure the building work complies with the Building Code.

More information

Refer to Certificates of Acceptance on the MBIE Building website. Only use the QLDC Form 8 above for applications to QLDC.