Building Services Team

eDocs Online Document System

eDocs is QLDC's online file portal giving public access to property and consents records.

To first use it, register with your email address and a password.

eDocs provides an open and transparent approach to accessing property information. It enables all document records, that have not been marked as confidential, to be publicly accessible. It includes, for example, emails between agents applying for Building Consent and QLDC.


Email the team at, for both general or technical enquiries.

Specify the relevant:

  • Reference number(s),
  • Address(es), and
  • Your connection to the building work, to speed up reply.

A Building Support team member or the Duty Building Control Officer, will respond to your email.

Building Inspections

The BC number and full and accurate name of inspection type must be quoted.

Requests for building inspection bookings can be made online or on the phone here.


Always have reference numbers and all relevant documents to hand, to assist with your enquiry.

For Building Consents, requests for inspection bookings, CCC enquiries, etc. you must quote your BC number.

State whether you have a general or technical enquiry.

Office hours are 8.00am - 5.00pm, Monday to Friday.

There are two numbers:

  • 03 441 0499 for the Queenstown office
  • 03 443 0024 for the Wanaka office

Office Locations

The Building Services team has offices in the following locations:

  • Level 1, 74 Shotover Street, Queenstown 9348
  • 33-35 Reece Crescent, Wanaka 9305 (until 20 Dec 18, then 47 Ardmore Street, Wanaka 9305)

Counter Enquires and Meetings

An in-person meeting can be requested with a Building Control Officer during office hours (8.00am - 5.00pm Monday to Friday) at our 74 Shotover Street, Queenstown location.

Provide clear details of what you would like to discuss. Then the correct Building Control Officer and the necessary information can be arranged.

Request an appointment with the email or telephone numbers above.

The Building Services Team

QLDC Building Services comprises three teams dedicated to serving and supporting local growth and development:

  • Building Control Processing – Team Leader: Hamish Humphries
  • Building Control Inspections – Team Leader: Rob Barr (Acting)
  • Building Control Support – Team Leader: Nancy Benington

Building Services Manager is Chris English,

IANZ accreditation

The QLDC Building Consent Authority (BCA) has a low risk rating from the International Accreditation of New Zealand (IANZ). This accreditation positions the BCA team as one of the most compliant BCAs in Aotearoa New Zealand and is in place from October 2019 until October 2021.  

To view a copy of the IANZ accreditation, please click here.

General enquiries

  • The Building Support team will assist you with all general enquiries relating to building consent application updates, fee payments, inspection booking requests, CCC application updates

Technical enquiries

  • The Building Control Officers work with technical enquiries relating to Building Consent decisions, Building Code guidance, RFI requests, building inspection guidance, CCC guidance, COA guidance, exemptions, etc
  • Technical enquiries are allocated to a Duty Building Control Officer to investigate. They will be in contact when next possible


The QLDC Building Services team strives to provide effective customer service in a highly demanding local market environment.

We also strive to provide a safe work environment free from abuse. We do not tolerate any disrespect or inappropriate behaviour towards our staff; whether in person at any location, on the phone, or electronically.

We acknowledge that sometimes things do not work as they should. We apologize if you did not get the high standard of service you expected. We encourage you to submit feedback using the QLDC online form. This may be queries, concerns and complaints related to consents, processing, inspections and compliance decisions.

All complaints are evaluated as part of our efforts to continually improve our services to the Queenstown Lakes community and its stakeholders.