Onsite Disposal Systems

Onsite Wastewater Disposal Systems

Property owners intending to build in areas without a council reticulated wastewater network need to submit a Building Consent to install a domestic Onsite Wastewater Disposal System.

If improperly designed or installed, these systems could contaminate waterways and areas outside your property. So care must be taken.

In certain cases, a Resource Consent may be required from either QLDC or Otago Regional Council (ORC). The application form details the requirements associated with an ORC Resource Consent.

Where to find further information?

This information sheet helps understanding options for onsite wastewater disposal, the risks and restrictions involved, and the consenting process required:

How to apply?

A completed Onsite Wastewater Disposal System application form is required, along with a Building Consent application form, fee calculator and fee payment.


Onsite Stormwater Disposal Guidance

If your property does not have a connection to the council reticulated stormwater system you will need to dispose of stormwater onsite. You will be able to determine this information through applying for a Property Information Memorandum or reviewing the sections services on GIS mapping.

The design of this system and the details will need to be provided with your building consent application.

The design of the onsite stormwater disposal system will need to demonstrate compliance with Building Code Clause E1. This can be demonstrated through E1/VM1, Specific Engineering Design (SED) or an Alternative Solution with support evidence to demonstrate compliance with the performance requirements of E1.

Some subdivisions may have specific requirements such as attenuation tanks, these will be specified on a consent notice in relation to the subdivisions Resource Consent.

If you are using the E1/VM1 method (Section 9.0) evidence of the field testing results need to be provided with your Building Consent documentation along with the calculations to determine the size of the soak pit. The type of soak pit (rock or chamber) should be specified on the plans along with the location of the soak pit with connections to the stormwater drainage.   You may choose to use CS4.4 Stormwater Soak Pit Calculation to demonstrate compliance.

If you are doing additions to an existing dwelling or building, the Building Consent documentation will either need to demonstrate the existing soak pit is suitably sized for the additional roof area. Or if an additional soak pit is to be constructed field testing, calculations and the design of this soak pit should be provided.


Where to find further information?