Plan Change 03 Heritage 2

The purpose of Plan Change 3 is to include additional heritage features and trees in the Inventory of Protected Features contained within Appendix 3 of the District Plan.  Also to ensure that heritage landscapes are properly recognised and defined in the District Plan.  


Made Operative 14 March 2008. See item 8 on the 29 February 2008 Full Council Agenda.

Plan Change 3 downloads

  • Section 32 Report
  • Public Notices
  • Planners Report
  • Council Decision
    There were two stages to the decision.
  • Information about the two staged decision process
    Part of the recommendation for a decision was ratified by the Council on 15 December 2006. Council was concerned that the recommendation contained a further 57 items highlighted through the submission process but not included in the original notice. Further submissions were called for and closed on 7 February 2007. Consultation information was broken into three volumes Please note: the list of additional items has been modified in accordance with the Privacy Act, removing the names and addresses of landowners, replaced by 'private owner', or if a public agency, the name of that agency, for example Department of Conservation or Queenstown Lakes District Council.
  • Appeals