Plan Change 35 Queenstown Airport Aircraft Noise Boundaries

The purpose of this plan change is to amend the existing airport air noise boundaries and associated District Plan provisions to allow for projected Airport growth through to 2037.


Made Operative 28 June 2018. See item 5 on the 14 June 2018 Council Agenda.

Plan Change 35 downloads

In its Third Interim Decision, the Environment Court directed that the Directions made in the First, Second and Third Interim Decisions  be provided as a consolidated record of the Courts decision.  The documents below show the amended District Plan provisions, as at May 2013, incorporating the PC35 changes.  Changes are shown in bold underline or strikethrough. These changes are to be ‘treated as operative’ pursuant to section 86F of the Resource Management Act. As these amendments were prepared in May 2013, for all other provisions, please refer to the Operative District Plan.