District Plan Review - Proposed District Plan

Council formally commenced a review of the District Plan in April 2014. The review sets out to provide a more accessible and transparent plan that provides more certainty to property owners and a clear strategic direction for the district as well as additional scope for intensification in suitable locations.

PDP BannersS1v2

Stage 1 of the review was notified in August 2015 with a proposed plan containing 33 key chapters including the residential, rural and commercial zones. Decisions on the matters heard were notified on 7 May 2018 and these decisions are now under appeal. Full details of appeals to Stage 1, including the mediation schedule, can be viewed here.

PDP BannersS2v2

Stage 2 of the review was notified in November 2017.  This stage is made up of six topics: Transport, Earthworks, Signs, Visitor Accommodation, Wakatipu Basin Land-use and Open Space and Recreation. Decisions on the matters heard were notified on 21 March 2019. View these decisions and find details on how to appeal here.

PDP BannersConsolidated

The Proposed District Plan as at 7 March 2019 including chapters and maps can be viewed here.

PDP BannersS3v2

Stage 3

The following topics or chapters will form part of Stage 3 and are due to be notified in the 3rd quarter of 2019:

  • Affordable Housing
  • Sites of significance to iwi
  • Township zones
  • Gorge Road High Density Residential Zone, Business Mixed Use Zones and Natural Hazards
  • Industrial Zones
  • Rural Visitor Zones
  • Design Guidelines for Residential and Business Mixed Use Zones
  • Ballantyne Road Mixed Use Zone
  • Three Parks

Full details on Stage 1 can be viewed here.

Full details on Stage 2 can be viewed here.