Proposed District Plan - Decisions Version

The Proposed District Plan as at 7 March 2019 as ratified by Full Council.

The text and maps below make up the Consolidated Proposed District Plan incorporating decisions made through Stages 1 and 2.

Please view the Stage 2 Decisions and appeals if you are contemplating joining a Stage 2 appeal as a section 274 party. The appeal periods for Stage 1 and 2 decisions have closed. To understand the parts of the Proposed District Plan under appeal please view the Appeals Version of the Proposed District Plan. 


Public Notices

Public Notice of Decisions on Stage 2– 21 March 2019

Public Notice of Decisions on Stage 1 – 7 May 2018

Public Notice of Decision on Chapter 43 Millbrook – 18 October 2017



Part One - Introduction

Chapter 01 Introduction
Chapter 02 Definitions

Part Two - Strategy

Chapter 03 Strategic Direction
Chapter 04 Urban Development
Chapter 05 Tangata Whenua
Chapter 06 Landscapes Rural Character

Part Three - Urban Environment

Chapter 07 Lower Density Suburban Residential
Chapter 08 Medium Density Residential
Chapter 09 High Density Residential
Chapter 10 Arrowtown Residential Historic Management Zone
Chapter 10A Ref Doc Arrowtown Design Guidelines
Chapter 11 Large Lot Residential
Chapter 12 Queenstown Town Centre
Chapter 13 Wanaka Town Centre
Chapter 14 Arrowtown Town Centre
Chapter 15 Local Shopping Centre Zone
Chapter 16 Business Mixed Use
Chapter 17 Airport Zone

Part Four - Rural Environment

Chapter 21 Rural
Chapter 22 Rural Residential and Rural Lifestyle
Chapter 23 Gibbston Character Zone
Chapter 24 Wakatipu Basin
Chapter 24 Wakatipu Basin Landscape Character Units

Part Five - District Wide Matters

Chapter 25 Earthworks
Chapter 26 Historic Heritage
Chapter 27 Subdivision and Development
Chapter 28 Natural Hazards
Chapter 29 Transport
Chapter 30 Energy and Utilities
Chapter 31 Signs
Chapter 32 Protected Trees
Chapter 33 Indigenous Vegetation Biodiversity
Chapter 34 Wilding Exotic Trees
Chapter 35 Temporary Activities and Relocated Buildings
Chapter 36 Noise
Chapter 37 Designations
Chapter 38 Open Space and Recreation Zones

Part Six - Special Zones

Chapter 41 Jacks Point
Chapter 42 Waterfall Park
Chapter 43 Millbrook
Chapter 44 Coneburn Industrial Zone



You can view the Proposed District Plan map here as a Web Mapping Application. Please note that this is intended as a useful tool that QLDC is providing in addition to the PDF maps and is not an official copy of the plan. 


The following PDF maps show zone information, as well as any other resources or restrictions. The level of detail increases in the inset maps. All levels of maps must be used to obtain the applicable information which applies to a particular land parcel. Urban Growth Boundary lines are offset from other zoning lines. In some cases, due to the thickness of the line, the Urban Growth Boundary line may appear to extend partially into another zone. This does not necessarily offer an opportunity for additional development on land underneath these lines. Minor colour variations may be noticed between the printed copies of the maps and those available online. If there is any doubt, confirmation should be sought from Council staff.