Proposed District Plan Background

Queenstown Lakes Proposed District Plan Background

Consultation Period

The Proposed District Plan was notified on 26 August 2015. Submissions closed on 23 October and Further submissions closed on 18 December 2015.

Changes to the Proposed District Plan since Notification

The following changes have been made to the Proposed District Plan since it was publicly notified for submissions. 

  1. Withdrawal of the provisions relating to visitor accommodation and Withdrawal of the provisions relating to the geographic area of Plan Change 50 

Fact Sheets / Glossary

We've prepared a range of Fact Sheets summarising the key changes being proposed.  

Council’s Dwelling Capacity Model (DCM)

The DCM was first created by Council in the early 2000s. The tool measures the potential number of dwellings that could potentially be developed under existing zones. The DCM has been used as an important tool to inform Council’s planning over a number of years.

Wakatipu Basin Land Use Study

The Wakatipu Basin Land Use Study was completed in March 2017 in response to a minute (dated 1 July 2016) released by the hearings panel for the Proposed District Plan review. 

Section 32 Reports 

Every proposed chapter is accompanied by a section 32 report. This is a report required by Section 32 of the Resource Management Act that requires a number of matters to be addressed, including the cost and benefits of rules and policies. 

Other resources

We've pulled together a range of related articles if you're keen to get into more detail.  They highlight that many other areas have faced similar issues and used similar approaches.  

Public Notice