Arrowtown Design Guidelines 2016 - Variation 1

Further Submissions on Variation 1 - Intention to Incorporate Arrowtown Design Guidelines 2016 into the Proposed District Plan, have now closed. 



What's being proposed?

Variation 1 was notified on 20 July 2016.  The variation proposes that the Arrowtown Design Guidelines 2016 (ADG) be incorporated into the Proposed District Plan, replacing the current 2006 version which are now ten years old.    

It means the new ADG would be given more weight when resource consent applications are being considered for development in specific zones within Arrowtown.  The aim of the ADG is to ensure that future development will be done in way that retains the town’s unique historic character.


View the consultation material (Further Submissions Closed Thursday 29 September 2016)