Proposed District Plan - Stage 2

Stage 2 of the Proposed District Plan is made up of six new topics addressing Transport, Earthworks, Signs, Visitor Accommodation, Wakatipu Basin Land-use and Open Space and Recreation. 

Variation to Stage 2

Stage 2 of the Proposed District Plan review was notified on 23 November 2017.  It has since been discovered that an incomplete version of Chapter 24 – Wakatipu Basin was made available at the date of notification. This incomplete version omitted Table 24.2 - Activities in the Wakatipu Basin Lifestyle Precinct. The incomplete version was available on the Queenstown Lakes District Council website from 23 to 28 November 2017 before it was corrected.

Due to this error Queenstown Lakes District Council gives public notice on Thursday 9 August 2018, of a Variation to Chapter 24 – Wakatipu Basin. This is to allow any person who was not aware of the proposed Table 24.2 to make a submission on these proposed provisions:

The closing date for submissions on this variation only is Thursday 6 September 2018. Submissions must follow Form 5 as prescribed by the Resource Management Act 1991.



Hearings for Stage 2 of the Proposed District Plan are under way.

Stream 14 - Wakatipu Basin (9 July – 26 July 2018)

  • Chapter 24 – Wakatipu Basin (including Mapping submissions on stage 1 for this area not yet heard)
  • Arrowtown Mapping

Stream 15 - District Wide (3 September – 28 September 2018)

  • Chapter 25 – Earthworks
  • Chapter 29 - Transport
  • Chapter 31 - Signs
  • Chapter 38 – Open Space and Recreation
  • Visitor Accommodation Variation

Hearing Panel Communications - Stage 2

Minutes & Memoranda received and issued by the Hearings Panel - Stage 2


The link below contains full information on submissions on stage 2. 

Click here to view information on submissions 

This includes:

  • Part of submissions from Millbrook Country Club Ltd and Streat Developments Ltd which were omitted from the original summary of decisions requested. For further details see the Public Notice.

Public Notices

Section 32 Reports 

Every proposed chapter is accompanied by a section 32 report. This is a report required by Section 32 of the Resource Management Act that requires a number of matters to be addressed, including the cost and benefits of rules and policies. 

Click here to read the Section 32 reports 

Click here to view the Documents Incorporated by Reference for Stage 2

Fact Sheets and videos

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