15 – District Wide

Earthworks, Transport, Signs, Open Space & Recreation and Visitor Accommodation

Hearings Status: Hearing Adjourned

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Chair: Denis Nugent  Commissioners: Bob Nixon, Sarah Dawson, Calum MacLeod

Minutes and Memoranda related to Stage 2 hearings

Hearing Recordings

Section 42A Report Extra Hearing Date 24 October 2018



Evidence and Legal Submissions

Evidence Presented at Hearing - evidence presented to the commissioners during the hearing

Evidence Post Hearing - evidence and other information provided to the Panel regarding matters that arose in the hearing

Rebuttal Evidence - evidence in response to pre-lodged evidence from submitters

Submitter Legal Submissions - submissions from legal counsel for submitters

Submitter Pre-Lodged Evidence - evidence lodged by submitters in advance of the hearing

Council's Right of Reply - evidence in reply to what was presented at the hearing


Council's Legal submissions & Summaries




Open Space and Recreation

Visitor Accommodation

Section 42A Reports