Proposed District Plan - Appeals Version

Please see below the chapters of the Proposed District Plan which have been annotated to show which provisions have been appealed in both Stage 1 and 2. Please note that these documents will be updated as appeals are resolved and as more is known about possible consequential changes.

The information provided in both chapters and maps reflects Council officers' interpretation of the appeals received, which may differ from the appellants intent. For the reasons above, the Council does not take any responsibility for the accuracy of the annotations and maps.

Please refer to the Stage 1 appeal or Stage 2 appeal documents for full details of the appeals and relief sought and if necessary seek clarification from the appellants.


Appeals Maps

The map is an indication of the relief sought by appeals and does not set out the exact boundaries or locations of the land that the appeals relate to. If you identify an error in the maps please bring this to the attention of Council by emailing 

Please click here to view the Proposed District Plan appeals Web Mapping Application.


Annotated Appeals Chapters

PDP Appeals version