Stage 2 Decisions

Recommendations from the Independent Hearing Panel on Stage 2 were ratified by Full Council as Council Decisions on 7 March 2019

Public Notice of Decisions on Stage 2 – 21 March 2019


The appeal and section 274 periods for Stage 2 have closed. General information about the appeals process is available on the Environment Court website 

We request that all correspondence relating to appeals on Stage 2 of the PDP be directed to the Environment Court and to


View all appeals received here

View the Annotated Appeals version of the Proposed District Plan chapters and maps here


View the Appeals Spreadsheet here

View the Appeals Table here

View the Topics Table here

View our FAQs on the Appeals Spreadsheet, Appeals Table and Topics Table here


We make frequent updates to the Appeals Spreadsheet, Appeals Table and Topics Table (see the FAQs for more information about this process).  Please refer to the versions on our website at all times.



Planning Maps

Please note:

The PDF maps below represent decisions on Stage 2 of the Proposed District Plan as ratified as Council decisions on 7 March 2019. These maps are not updated. The most up to date map of the Proposed District Plan can be viewed using the web mapping application.

The maps show zone information, as well as any other resources or restrictions. The level of detail increases in the inset maps. All levels of maps must be used to obtain the applicable information which applies to a particular land parcel. Urban Growth Boundary lines are offset from other zoning lines. In some cases, due to the thickness of the line, the Urban Growth Boundary line may appear to extend partially into another zone. This does not necessarily offer an opportunity for additional development on land underneath these lines. Minor colour variations may be noticed between the printed copies of the maps and those available online. If there is any doubt, confirmation should be sought from Council staff.


Independent Hearing Panel Recommendation Reports

Planning Maps