Urban Design

Urban Design is about more than just the way individual buildings or space looks – but about the atmosphere it creates.   

Specifically urban design is:

  • The art of creating spaces and buildings that encourage positive interaction with people.
  • The design of buildings, groups of buildings, spaces and landscapes.
  • The relationship between people and these environments.
  • Creating places that "fit" in to the local environment.
  • Enhancing neighbourhood identity, for example the way it relates to its neighbours and the surrounding neighbourhood.
  • The ability to provide the types of spaces that are functional and inviting to people of all ages.

The benefits of good urban design include:

  • The ability to create delightful and unique places to live.
  • Maintaining special characteristics of our towns and rural areas.
  • High quality living and working environments.
  • Making towns more distinctive.
  • Helping to address issues such as climate change and biodiversity.
  • Helping to make places safer.
  • Assisting to promote the development of healthier, more efficient homes.

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