Affected Party Approval

You may be contacted by a neighbour who intends to lodge an application for a resource consent.
Consultation with neighbours is not mandatory but it can be very helpful.

If you support a proposal you can indicate that by signing a copy of the plans and completing an affected party approval form(see below).

  • There is no compulsion to sign an affected party approval.
  • You may request more information from the applicant.
  • You may choose to discuss the application with our enquiries planner or
  • You may simply refuse to sign the form.

Please remember that if you do sign an affected party approval form the Council will NOT consider any effects on you or your property when it processes the resource consent application.


Infringed Boundary Written Approval


If your neighbour is undertaking a 'deemed permitted boundary activity' that infringes a boundary then they may contact you to obtain written approval as an owner of the property that shares the boundary where the infringement occurs.


You have the same situation as detailed above for affected party approval. However, you cannot withdraw your written approval once it has been received by Council when it is for a 'deemed permitted boundary activity'.