Notified Resource Consents and Hearings


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Applications Currently Being Publicly Notified


Speargrass Properties Limited (RM190208) - submissions close 28 June 2019

Resource Consent is sought to:

  • Establish a 450m² residential building platform with an alternative access and undertake associated earthworks and landscaping;
  • Establish 1.7km of public cycle trail to connect Arthurs Point to Arrowtown, through the subject site, 17 Littles Road and 12 Malaghans Road;
  • Establish and maintain 10.4hectares of native planting for ecological restoration and conservation across the subject site;
  • Amend a registered Covenant to enable the proposal above;
  • The proposed building platform is within the Conical Surfaces of the Airport Approach designation.

The subject site is held in two separate titles comprising 53ha of land located between the Littles Road and Malaghans Road intersection with access to the lower basin of the site currently off Littles Road. Existing access to the proposed platform is via Toka Road (Northridge).The proposed cycle trail is to cross Littles Road through private land at 17 Littles Road and 12 Malaghans Road and continues through the subject site traversing below Malaghans Road to link through to Arrowtown.

Spark New Zealand Trading Limited (RM181589) - submissions close 28 June 2019

Resource Consent is sought to erect and operate a 15m high telecommunication facility, with a maximum width of 0.3m. Consent is also sought pursuant to the National Environmental Standard for telecommunication facilities (NESTF) for the election and operation of a telecommunication mast that exceeds the permitted height of 10.5 and permitted width of 0.15m at road reserve immediately adjacent Peter Fraser Park, 79 Capell Avenue and 28 Myra Street, Lake Hawea.

K & L Warburton (RM181167) - submissions close 28 June 2019

Resource Consent is sought to subdivide the site to create two allotments, to breach site density, and to undertake associated earthworks and landscaping.  Land use consent is sought to construct a residential unit, and to undertake associated earthworks and landscaping. Consent is also sought under section 221 of the Resource Management Act 1991 (RMA) to change Condition 6 (bullet points 1, 4 and 5) of Consent Notice 6674069.3 in regard to retention of kanuka, and a breach in maximum building height and roof pitch control. Proposed Lot 1 will be 2,134m2 in size, and will contain the proposed new residential unit.  Proposed Lot 2 will be 2,838m2 in size, and will contain the existing residential unit and garage. Proposed earthworks comprise approximately 213m3 to create a tiered level building area, provide services, and upgrade the existing vehicle crossing to proposed Lot 1. Access to the proposed lots is via a Right of Way from Aubrey Road.  Proposed Lot 1 will be provided with access via a new vehicle crossing near the northern site boundary.  Access to the existing residential unit on proposed Lot 2 will remain unchanged. It is proposed to supply the proposed lots with potable water from Council’s reticulated water supply in Aubrey Road.  On-site storage will be provided for firefighting water supply.  Wastewater is proposed to be disposed of by way of connection to Council’s reticulation.  Stormwater is proposed to be disposed of to a communal soakpit.  Power and telecommunication reticulation is available for the proposed lots at 743 Aubrey Road, Wanaka.

J Battson & D Mason (RM190261) - submissions close 28 June 2019

Resource Consent is sought to undertake a two lot fee simple subdivision of Lot 2 DP 328577. Application for land use consent to breach future density requirements on proposed Lot 1. Application to cancel Consent Notice 5205874.3 and Consent Notice 6121952.2 in relation to Lot 2 DP 328577 at 20A Sam John Place, Hawea.

S Swann, E Aubrey, J Aubrey & W Aubrey (RM181958) - submissions close 28 June 2019

Resource Consent is sought to create four new rural living allotments with identified building platforms, with proposed Lot 5 containing the balance farmland.  An amalgamation of proposed Lot 5 with the existing farm balance within Lot 2 DP 478726 is proposed.  Public access is promoted over Part of Lot 5 for a public climbing rock area adjacent to State Highway 6 at 3076-3711 Luggate-Cromwell Road, Wanaka.

R & B Teel (RM180831) - submissions close 18 July 2019


Resource Consent is sought to create two fee simple titles and identification of a residential building platform on proposed Lot 2; and for land use consent to establish a residential unit and carport located within the proposed building platform at 413 McDonnell Road, Queenstown.

Limited Notified Resource Consent Applications

Section 95B of the Resource Management Act 1991, and Section 29 of the Housing Accords and Special Housing Areas Act 2013, provides that only parties served with Limited Notifications are permitted to make a formal submission.


 Scheduled Resource Consent Hearings

Resource Consent Location and Date Description Decision Status


Crowne Plaza Hotel (Level 3), Beach Street, Queenstown on Tuesday 4 June 2019, commencing at 10.00am.

Resource Consent is sought to operate a visitor accommodation activity for up to 365 days per year within 10 of the existing Commonage Villas. The units are to be let individually, to separate groups, and not as whole at 15 Kerry Drive, Queenstown. 


For information on hearing procedures check the hearing information brochure (PDF, 158KB). You can also view any application on eDocs by searching using the address or RM number.