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Applications Currently Being Publicly Notified 

L Norman, G Norman, E Daigneau, D Kelliher & J Nimmo (RM181517) - submissions close 8 February 2019

Resource Consent is sought to establish a 750m2 residential building platform on Lot 1 DP 25149, Wanaka-Mt Aspiring Road, with associated services, landscaping and access from Mt Aspiring Road.  Earthworks are proposed to lower the platform, form a bund and a redirect an ephemeral stream. The proposed residential building platform would be located to the west of Wanaka-Mt Aspiring Road at the base of the slope of Roys Peak at Lot 1 DP 25149, Wanaka-Mt Aspiring Road, Wanaka.

Abbeyfield Construction Limited (RM181382) - submissions close 8 February 2019

Resource Consent is sought to under to undertake a two lot subdivision of the subject site that breaches minimum lot size standards and results in an increased site density. Application to amend Condition 3 of Consent Notice 10426702.2 in relation to maximum building height that will apply on the resulting lots from an existing 5m restriction to allow 5.5m height of buildings. Access to the proposed lots is to be via an existing ROW off Studholme Road at 299 Studholme Road, Wanaka.

B Adams & K Lockhart Adams (RM180814) - submissions close 15 February 2019

Resource Consent is sought to undertake a two lot subdivision and to identify a residential building platform on both lots at 2127B Cardrona Valley Road, Cardrona

Treespace Queenstown Limited (RM181638) - submissions close 15 February 2019

Resource Consent is sought to create a 55 Lot subdivision, identify building platforms, undertake associated earthworks, landscaping (approximately 400ha of native beech forest revegetation), associated transport standard breaches and to undertake visitor accommodation activities within the identified building platforms. Consent is also sought to cancel condition 21(a) of RM051109 to facilitate the proposed development at Mount Dewar Station, Coronet Peak Road, Wakatipu Basin. 

Northlake Investment Limited (RM180795) - submissions close 22 February 2019

Resource Consent is sought for a subdivision to create 25 residential lots and two reserve lots including associated access, servicing, earthworks, breaches to transport standards and road boundary setbacks at Outlet Road, Wanaka. Lot 2005 Deposited Plan 529185 and Lot 66 Deposited Plan 371470. 

N & L Millar (RM181225) - submissions close 22 February 2019

Resource Consent is sought to undertake a two lot subdivision with resulting lots of 2.01ha and 9.10ha respectively and to establish a residential building platform (RBP) within proposed Lot 2. Land use consent is also sought to establish a residential building platform, proposed within 5m of the southern boundary and 10m from the western boundary at 431 Maungawera Valley Road, Wanaka.

A-M Wouters & S Stephani (RM181400) - submissions close 22 February 2019

Resource Consent is sought to undertake a two lot subdivision: Lot 1: will measure 2.77ha in area and contain the existing residential unit / lodge and swimming pool; Lot 2: will measure 1.3ha in area and will contain a 1000m2 building platform. It is proposed that there will be a maximum 350m2 footprint to all building within the platform. The site is accessed from a right of way off Halliday Road. The existing driveway formation within the subject site will continue to serve the residential unit / lodge on Lot 1 and the new Lot 2 at 42 Halliday Road, Wanaka.

S & S Blackler, B & K Blackler & Trustee BFT Limited (RM181560) - submissions close 1 March 2019

Resource Consent is sought to undertake a two lot subdivision, to identify a 1,000m2 Residential Building Platform (RBP) on each proposed allotment, and to undertake associated earthworks (28,900m3) and landscaping; and an application to cancel Consent Notice Instrument 936464.2 relating to future development on the application site at Slopehill Road, Wakatipu Basin. Legally described as Part Lot 2 Deposited Plan 26174.

FII Holdings Limited (RM180351) - submissions close 1 March 2019

Resource Consent is sought to undertake a mixed-use residential and workers accommodation development and to establish a contractor's depot and facility for the sale of rock and aggregate, together with installation of associated vehicle access, earthworks, landscaping and servicing infrastructure at 145 Frankton-Ladies Mile, Queenstown.

J Baker (RM181540) - submissions close 1 March 2019

Resource Consent is sought to establish a residential building platform at Lot 2 DP 305699 Gibbston Highway to provide for future construction of a residential unit at Gibbston Highway, Queenstown. Legally described as Lot 2 DP 305699.

Jeremy Bell Investments Ltd (RM181596) - submissions close 7 March 2019

Resource Consent is sought to undertake a seven Lot subdivision and establishment of residential building platforms, with associated earthworks, access, landscaping and servicing. The proposed lot sizes will be as follows:

Lot number

Lot size












68.79ha (balance lot)


41.62ha (balance lot)

Proposed lots 1 – 5 will contain a residential building platform of 750m² (30m² x 25m²) with an ecological indigenous planting area proposed on the northern side of the Lots and access will be obtained via a 4.5m wide access way from Smith Road at 387 Mount Barker Road, Wanaka.

D E Bunn & Co (RM181927) - submissions close 7 March 2019

Resource Consent is sought to subdivide the site to create five allotments, identify residential building platforms on each lot, and to undertake associated earthworks, and landscaping.  Land use consent is sought to breach road and internal boundary setbacks. Consent is also sought under the National Environmental Standards for Assessing and Managing Contaminants in Soil to Protect Human Health as the site is a HAIL site and involves disturbance of soils. The proposed lots range in size from 4.7 hectares to 11.5 hectares, and with the building platforms ranging in size from approximately 560m2 to 1,000m2. Proposed earthworks comprise approximately 3,000m3 over an area of approximately 5,200m2 to create the proposed access ways to proposed Lots 1, 3 and 4.  The maximum depth of cut proposed is 2m, and the maximum height of fill proposed is 1m.  Works within the proposed lots for the construction of future buildings is not proposed as part of this application. The proposed subdivision will utilise three existing access points for proposed Lots 1, 2 and 5 off  Morven Ferry Road.  Two new access points will be created for proposed Lots 3 and 4, with proposed Lot 3 gaining direct access from Morven Ferry Road, whilst Lot 4 will gain access from an unnamed side road (that gains access form Morven Ferry Road). It is proposed to supply the proposed lots with potable water and water for irrigation purposes by way of extraction from an existing spring located within proposed Lot 2, for which the existing allowable water take will be increased. On-site wastewater disposal is proposed for each lot, and stormwater will be disposed of directly to ground.  Power and telecommunication reticulation is available for the proposed residential building platforms at Morven Ferry Road, Wakatipu Basin. Legally described as Lot 2 DP 300119.

G & J George (RM181538) - submissions close 14 March 2019

Resource Consent is sought to construct a dwelling, garage and sleep out, and to undertake 1910m3 of earthworks to lower the building platform for the dwelling and form a landscaping bund. Consent is also sought to establish associated landscaping. Access is proposed along an existing access from Wanaka-Mt Aspiring Road at Wanaka-Mt Aspiring Road, Wanaka. Legally described as Section 2 Block XIII Lower Wanaka.


Limited Notified Resource Consent Applications

Section 95B of the Resource Management Act 1991, and Section 29 of the Housing Accords and Special Housing Areas Act 2013, provides that only parties served with Limited Notifications are permitted to make a formal submission.


 Scheduled Resource Consent Hearings

Resource Consent Location and Date Description Decision Status

Waterfall Park Developments Limited


Crowne Plaza Hotel (Level 3), Beach Street, Queenstown on Tuesday 22 and Wednesday 23 January 2019, commencing at 10.00am. Resource Consent is sought for land use consent to construct and operate a hotel complex containing 380 rooms, restaurants, conference/event facilities, a wellness centre and chapel, storage buildings and undertake associated earthworks and landscaping. Restoration and repurposing of the existing heritage “Ayrburn Stone Farm Buildings” (protected building #110) to include a restaurant and bar, storage, retail and equipment hire. Construct bridges, culverts and crossings for vehicles and pedestrians over Mill Creek, as well as weirs and widening in places at Waterfall Park, Arrowtown – Lake Hayes Road. Pending 

G Oudoff & J Hennessy


Crowne Plaza Hotel (Level 3), Beach Street, Queenstown on Friday 8 February 2019, commencing at 10.00am. Resource Consent is sought for subdivision into three lots and associated earthworks, access and servicing. Proposed Lot 2 contains an existing residential building platform, and new residential building platforms are proposed within Lots 1 and 3. Deletion of consent notice conditions (5207743.1) 2 and 3 at 247 Kingston Road, Queenstown.  Pending

E Guthrie, R & L Newman, Banco Trustees Ltd & McCulloch Trustees 2004 Ltd


Copthorne Hotel, Corner Frankton Road & Adelaide Street, Queenstown on Wednesday 20 and Thursday 21 February 2019, commencing at 10.00am.  Resource Consent is sought to undertake a 13 lot subdivision and to establish a building platform on 12 of the lots, with one lot to vest as road. Access is proposed from McDonnell Road at 112 McDonnell Road, Arrowtown. Pending

Hogan’s Gully Farm Limited 


Crowne Plaza (Level 3), Beach Street, Queenstown on Monday 25, Tuesday 26 and Wednesday 27 (if required) February 2019, commencing at 11.00am  Resource Consent is sought to establish an 18-hole championship golf course, to be named Hogan's Gully Farm, with associated facilities, and to establish 96 dwellings for residential and visitor accommodation use. The 158.8 hectares property is located west of McDonnell Road, north of State Highway 6, east of the Bendemeer Special Zone, and south of Hogans Gully Road, near Arrowtown  Pending

Northlake Investments Ltd 


Lake Wanaka Centre (Armstrong Room), Ardmore St, Wanaka on Thursday 7 March 2019, commencing at 10.00am The subject site is on the northern side of Northlake Road extending to Outlet Road, Wanaka.  Resource consent is sought for an Outline Development Plan for part of Activity Areas D1, B2, C2 and E1 of the Northlake Zone to allow for 175 allotments with associated roading and reserves Pending

Smith & Mirkin


Crowne Plaza (Level 3) Beach St, Queenstown, Thursday 14 March 2019 commencing at 9.00am. The subject site is 275 Malaghans Road, Wakatipu Basin.  Resource consent is sought to subdivide the site into four lots and for the identification of four residential building platforms Pending

Bridesdale Farm Developments Limited


Copthrone Hotel, Corner Frankton Road & Adelaide Street, Queenstown on Thursday 4 and Friday 5 April 2019, commencing at 10.00am. Resource Consent is sought to establish, construct and operate a tennis centre that will include two covered courts and six outdoor courts, associated car parking spaces, landscaping and earthworks. The tennis centre is to be accessed from Hayes Creek Road, via the Recreation Reserve, and/or from Widgeon Place via the Recreation Reserve (with proposed pre-commencement conditions relating to access approval) at Hayes Creek Road, Lake Hayes Estate, Queenstown.  Pending 

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Crowne Plaza (Level 3)


FII Holdings Limited (RM180351)