Making a Submission

If an application for resource consent has been publicly notified or you have been served with a copy of an application that has been limited notified, you are entitled to make a submission. The submission can support or oppose the application. It must be received by QLDC within the time stated. We recommend you use the submission form so that all the requirements of making a valid submission are covered.

If you would like to make a submission, here are the forms you can use:


Making a submission

Any member of  the  public may make a submission to a resource consent application which has been publicly notified.  The period for making submissions lasts for 20 working days from the day it is publicly notified in the The Mirror or Wanaka Sun.

Submissions  should be  on  a submission form; but if you don't use this form, your submission must address these six points:  

  • your name, email address and contact numbers
  • details of the application about which you are making a submission, including the location and resource consent number (RM number)
  • whether you support or oppose the application
  • your submission, with reasons
  • the decision you want the QLDC to make
  • whether you wish to speak in support of your submission

Before the period for making a submission closes, you must send a copy to Council    

If you lodge a submission after the closing date, or if it is incomplete, it may be contested by the applicant at the hearing.


Pre-hearing meetings

Once submissions have closed, a pre-hearing meeting may be organised.  That is when the applicant, submitters and staff meet informally to discuss the concerns of submitters, and try, where possible, to resolve any matters.

These meetings can be beneficial to all parties, enabling a better understanding of the issues. You do not have to attend.  An agreement reached at one of these meetings will be reported at any future hearing, but is not necessarily binding.

Withdrawing Your Affected Party Approval

If you initially gave written consent to an application, you can change your mind and lodge a submission once the application is publicly notified.

First you should write a letter to both the Council and the applicant indicating that you want to withdraw your original written consent. Please make sure you identify the application clearly.

Your submission should be written separately, to avoid confusion.

The Ministry for the Environment website contains some helpful information for people who may wish to get involved in the resource management process.