Approved Special Housing Areas

11 SHAs have already been approved in Queenstown, resulting in approximately 2291 residential sections/units. 

These are:

  • Bridesdale – 136 sections (including two existing dwellings) (Consent obtained -SH150001)
  • Shotover Country – 101 sections (Consent obtained -SH160139)
  • Arrowtown Retirement Village – 195 apartments + aged bed care facility (Consent obtained -SH160141)
  • Queenstown Country Club – 332 apartments/villas plus 14 residential sections + aged bed care facility (Consent obtained -SH160140)
  • Onslow Road – 21 sections (Consent obtained -SH160140
  • Arthurs Point Stage 1 (Bullendale) – 88 residential units (Consent obtained -SH160143)
  • Business Mixed Use Zone (Gorge Road) – 143 units (Consent obtained -SH160147)
  • Arthurs Point Stage 2 (Bullendale) - 92 residential units (Consent lodged but approved - SH190001)
  • Hawea (Universal Developments) -  400 residential units (Consent lodged but not approved - SH190005)
  • Wanaka (Bright Sky) - 281 residential units (Consent lodged but not approved - SH190490)
  • Coneburn - 600 residential units (Consent lodged but not approved - SH190488)

The map below shows where the approved Special Housing Areas are located.   It's a little hard to read so please click on the map for a larger image. 

approved special housing areas map


In more detail...

So far, approximately 2291 residential sections/units have been approved via SHAs.

Seven of the 11 SHAs have been consented, three are under construction and two have been fully delivered (Bridesdale and Shotover Country).  These SHAs will deliver a potential yield of approximately 2291 residential units and aged bed care facilities.

For more detail on the Resource Consents already approved, please search eDocs.

These have resulted in significant benefits to the Queenstown Lakes Community Housing Trust by way of financial contributions, land and land/housing packages.

All of the above SHAs have been disestablished with the exception of the Business Mixed Use Zone (Gorge Road SHA).  On 14 August 2017, the Minister of Building and Construction established the Business Mixed Use Zone (Gorge Road) as an SHA.  Read the Order In Council here 

It is noted that applications for variations to consent conditions for consent applications lodged before the disestablishment of an SHA can still be made under the HASHAA even after the SHA has been disestablished.

Links to the Housing Accords and Special Housing Areas (Queenstown-Lakes) Amendment Orders:


For further information

For information on SHAs, please contact Ian Bayliss - Planning Policy Manager or phone 03 450 0534.