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Torokiki - Let's grow ideas

Do you have a great idea which will have a real impact on improving our community? Can you help someone else's idea grow?

We are asking the community to help drive change and create meaningful solutions for some of our current challenges.

What is Torokiki? How does it work? General enquiries

First round of challenges closes

Torokiki's first round of challenges has now closed, with 23 ideas submitted for recovery work in the district in light of COVID-19!

More than 270 votes and 211 comments were submitted, as well there being over 10,000 visits to the website during the six week challenge cycle. 

The next step will involve a review of all submitted ideas by Torokiki Challenge Owners to assess their potential for progression.

Once assessed, we'll contact submitters about their idea the week of Monday 14 September, and advise of the next steps.

The Torokiki Team would like to take a moment to thank everyone who helped grow ideas on Torokiki, whether that was by submitting one, voting for your favourite, or just taking a look and reading the various thoughts shared by our community.

Remember if you have any questions please email

What is Torokiki?

Torokiki means to sprout afresh, re-emerge, re-establish, reappear.

Torokiki is our community driven ideas platform that has emerged out of the QLDC Recovery work following the impacts of COVID-19 and its effect on our district. Torokiki is one of our main Recovery initiatives and is here to enable you, our community to help shape the future through your ideas. It’s not only about your own ideas however it is also about helping shape and support other ideas that have been submitted by other people from across our district and beyond.

We want the Torokiki community to be a collective place, a place of sharing, a place of support, a place of innovation…. your place. We ask you to water and feed it so it becomes strong and sustains us. Let’s grow ideas!

Head to

How does it work?

Torokiki works by putting the power of ideas in the hands of community. It has 2 elements – Challenges and Idea Management Software. Challenges are problems or opportunities that are published on our idea management platform provided by HunchBuzz, based in Wellington ( Challenges are run like campaigns and have a duration of 6 weeks. We run between 1 and 3 Challenge topics per cycle and will be centred around important themes for our district such as

  • Economic Development

  • Social Innovation and Community Led Development

  • Climate and Sustainability

Current and previous Challenge topics can be found below: 

Cycle 1 – 22 July – 1 September

Challenge 1 – How might we diversify the economy for Queenstown Lakes to minimise the effects of future shocks to our district?

Challenge 2 – How might we become more resilient in our respective social communities, towns and district given the recent impacts of COVID-19?

Challenge 3 – How might we reduce our district’s food waste and improve the resilience of our local food system to Climate Change? 

Pick a Challenge that interests you and you want to contribute to. You can submit ideas of your own or you can add your own lens, knowledge, or expertise to someone else’s idea to help them grow. In some cases, you can also review ideas depending on what the Challenge is.

If it’s your first time you will be able to set up your own profile. Please fill in your details and once you have agreed to the terms of use, you are in. We operate on the principles of open-ness and being accountable for your contributions, so we ask that you put your full name in and no pseudonyms please.

Host your own idea workshop: Download a how to guide here.

For some quick and easy videos on how to use Torokiki please see below.

Navigating the homepage:

How to submit an idea:

Subscribing and following:

Activating your account:

Your ideas are important, and we want to ensure that all people have an opportunity to put an idea forward. If you don’t feel comfortable using software and would prefer to email your idea then email


General enquiries

For any general enquiries you can contact the Torokiki team at

We are happy to answer any of your questions and also provide support if you get stuck on how to use the Torokiki platform.

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