Renewal of a Licence

A new On, Off or Club licence is issued for an initial ‘probationary’ year. Following this a licence is issued every three years thereafter.

As your renewal date approaches, we will send you a renewal application form. We will also try to contact you before the expiry date, if we have not received a renewal application; however it is your responsibility to ensure that your licence renewal application is lodged on time. As if it expires we cannot renew the licence and you will need to apply for a new licence and will not be permitted to sell liquor in the interim.

Renewal process

All renewal applications for On, Off or Club licences must be publicly notified and a notice must be attached in a conspicuous place on or adjacent to the premises site.

  • You must submit the completed renewal application;
  • Sign a statement that an approved fire evacuation scheme exists for the premises or that the premises are exempt from having to have an approved scheme.
  • The renewal application will be referred to the Police and Medical Officer of Health (on and club applications).
  • Any objections or matters raised in opposition by the Public, Police or Medical Officer of Health, may lead to the renewal application being referred for a public hearing in front of the DLC. 
  • Any person with an interest greater than the public generally may object to your application within 15 working days of the publication of the first public notice. If any are received, these will be forwarded to you too.