Dog Bylaw and Policy

walk dogDog Control Bylaw & Dog Control Policy Review

How are the dog control rules working for you?  We're keen to hear your views to help with a review of our Dog Control Bylaw and Policy.  

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Feedback closes 28 June. 


The existing Bylaw and rules: 

a) where dogs are required to be on a leash, (View Map)

b) that owners must carry a bags at all times to clean up after their dog; and

c) properties which home more than two dogs are required to get a licence from QLDC (with the exception of working dogs).

Council will be advising dog owners to ensure their awareness of the new rules and will begin targeted education and enforcement in the near future.

Remember the key provisions of the Dog Control Act continue to apply i.e. All dogs must be under control at all times and when your dog is on your property it must be under control or confined at all times.

Full details of the rules are in the Dog Control Bylaw and Policy below. There is also an interactive map which will help you understand where your dog must be on a leash, is prohibited or can be off leash.

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Key Messages for Dog Owners

  1. To understand where your dog must be on a leash (or is prohibited), failure to comply with the Dog Control Bylaw - Infringeable offence $300

  2. To ensure their dog/s are under direct control or confined to their property at all times – Infringeable offence $200

  3. Keep your dog under control at all times - Infringeable offence $200

  4. Rushing is an offence, any dog approaching a person can startle them and may cause an accident – Control your dog, if necessary put your dog on a leash - Infringeable offence $200

  5. Failing to pick up after your dog - Infringeable offence $300

  6. Carry a leash at all times, this aids with control - Infringeable offence $100

  7. If you and your dog change address you are required to notify us within 14 days, it is useful to also notify us if you change your email address or phone number - Infringeable offence $100

4 Key Tips for becoming a Good Dog Handler:


  1. Confident
  2. Consistent
  3. Clear
  4. Calm