Rabbit control operation in Wānaka and Albert Town

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About the rabbit control operation

Queenstown Lakes District Council (QLDC) is planning to undertake rabbit control this winter in a number of locations throughout Wānaka and Albert Town, working with Otago Regional Council (ORC), the Department of Conservation (DOC), Land Information New Zealand (LINZ) and private land owners in the process.

The operation will begin any time from Monday 19 July 2021.

Control methods

Toxic Pindone carrot baits will be placed on the ground within a number of reserves near Wānaka and Albert Town.

What is Pindone?

Pindone is a first generation anticoagulant and is used very successfully in New Zealand and Australia for rabbit control. As it needs to be consumed over several days to be effective, carrot baits will be applied to the control locations three times, one week apart each time.

Be cautious

QLDC strongly advises all to exercise caution if entering any of the control operation areas while baits are being applied. People should avoid touching the baits, or removing carcasses from a targeted area.

Dog owners should keep dogs on a leash and under control if near an area in which the rabbit control operation is underway. If you suspect your dog has been poisoned you should contact your local vet.

The above precautions apply as long as signage is in place. Once signage is removed, the all clear has been given.


This rabbit control operation will be undertaken in the following locations:

Contact us

If you have any questions or concerns about this operation, please contact QLDC's Services team on

Or, get in touch with our Parks Service Delivery Manager on (03) 441 0499.

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