Food Business Information


Please Note: From 1 March 2016, over a three year transitional period (ending 28 February 2019), the Food Act 2014 is implemented and all food premises will be required to operate under the appropriate risk based measure. It is recommended that you review the following links to help determine where you may fit under the new legislation;

If you require any further assistance to help with understanding with what is required please contact the duty Environmental Health Officer (EHO) by phone on 03 441 0499 (Queenstown) / 03 443 0024 (Wanaka) or by emailing 

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Environmental Health Officers visit most food businesses annually to verify that the operation of the business and the premises continue to comply with the Regulations. There are some food businesses that are inspected by other bodies e.g. Third Party Auditors, rather that local Environmental Health Officers. An Officer may arrive at any time, without an appointment and must be allowed access to all parts of your food premises.

Any matters that are of concern will be discussed with you at the time of the visit and followed up in a formal letter to you. Re-inspections will be carried out if necessary to ensure all requisitions have been corrected to the satisfaction of the Officer.

We also carry out annual inspections of Camping Grounds and Hairdressers in a similar manner, to ensure compliance with the Camping Ground Regulations and Hairdresser Regulations.

Food Premises Registration

Any food premises must obtain a Certificate of Registration before a business can open. This will only be approved and issued when the premise complies with the Food Act 2014 and all other relevant legislation (e.g. requirements under the Building Act or Resource Management Act).


Food Control Plans

As per the Food Act 2014, all food businesses involved in food service such as, cafes, restaurants, takeaway food outlets, must now use and register a Food Control Plan.

Please be aware that Food Control Plans (FCP) are nontransferable and as per section 71 of the Food Act 2014, all food businesses that are approved and operating under the FCP and are either closing or change ownership, excluding any minor changes such as, a change in the owning company, must formally surrender their FCP in writing to the QLDC Environmental Health Department.

If you are closing down or selling your food premises you must surrender your Food Control Plan. You can do this by emailing to send an email to our Environmental Health team

Public Health Contacts

Public Health South - Health Protection Officer - Phone: 03 450 9156.

Contact an Environmental Health Officer to discuss anything relating to food premises, phone 03 441 0499 (Queenstown) or 03 443 0006 (Wanaka).