Cut your waste


About 30% of an average household rubbish bag is organic waste. Sending organic waste to the landfill can release methane, a harmful climate change gas. 

We fund a range of initiatives to encourage people to turn their kitchen and garden waste into a resource. 

Dr Compost

Local composting guru, Dr Compost, can show you how to get started or fine-tune your composting system.

Find out which system would suit you best: cold composting, hot composting, Bokashi buckets or worm farms. You can get free advice from Dr Compost at events, workshops or on Facebook.

Subsidised home composting

We provide a subsidy on Bokashi Bucket home composting systems and worms for worm farms.   Get all the details here 


Choose to refuse

Plastic waste is the issue that the highest number of Kiwi’s are concerned about, according to a 2018 Colmar Brunton poll. People are finding alternatives to single use plastics, by taking their own cups, drink bottles, take-away containers and reusable bags. It’s not too hard once you get in the habit.

There are some innovative groups doing exciting work to reduce plastic waste in our district. They hold regular events including waste free fairs, movie nights, workshops, speakers and events. Plastic Free July is a great time to experiment with reducing your use of single use plastic.

Check packaging while shopping.  Remember plastics labelled 1&2 are more easily recycled than plastics labelled 3-7.  Some Councils have already stopped accepting 3-7 plastics for recycling.


Drop off for recycling or reuse

When you’re collecting a pile to take to the tip, pull out anything that can be dropped off for reuse or recycling. You’ll save money by paying less, and you’ll be making the earth’s resources go further.

Make landfill the last resort, and see how much of your waste can be diverted through reuse and recycling.

Reuse and recycling opportunities are in place in our district for a number of things including:

Scrap metal
Drop at transfer stations for recycling

Clean fill
Drop at the transfer stations

Green waste
Drop at Frankton and Wanaka transfer stations, Wanaka green waste site or community-run facilities in Glenorchy, Kingston, Lake Hawea, Luggate and Makarora. 

Check what green waste can be accepted here

Clothes, furniture and other reusable items – drop at Wastebusters next to Wanaka transfer station or Wakatipu Recycling Centre next to Queenstown transfer station

Other waste: 
Batteries, electronic waste, cellphones, polystyrene, engine & vegetable oil, ink cartridges – drop at Wastebusters

Some batteries are also accepted at the transfer stations and Wakatipu Recycling Centre.