Parking Fines

The Council encourages the community and visitors to respect the needs of others by not parking longer than the specified time limit.

What could I potentially be fined for?

The parking wardens have the authority to give you a parking ticket for any of the following offences:

There are a number of ways you can pay your parking ticket, to avoid any unnecessary additional charges e.g. from on charging and administration cost of car hirer companies or court fees for late payment.


Towed Vehicles - Illegally Parked and Abandoned Vehicles

Occasionally the Queenstown Lakes District Council are required to tow vehicles that are believed to be Abandoned or are parked illegally in a dangerous situation, for example parked on broken yellow lines or causing a significant nuisance for example parked over some-ones drive way.

When this happens, in most circumstances an infringement notice is issued and the following tow fees are incurred:

  • Illegally parked vehicles towed during normal working hours have a fee of $53.60
  • Illegally parked vehicles towed afterhours (i.e. on weekend) have a fee of $71.50

Note: Where a vehicle has been parked illegally and towed, in most circumstances the tow fee will be on the infringement notice.

  • Vehicles Towed as an abandoned vehicle incur a release fee of $100 for the impound and up to $20 per day for storage.


Paying Your Parking Ticket

Your payment options are:

Pay Online


Please call 03 441 0499 and ask to speak to the parking department. We can accept payment by Visa or MasterCard only.

Credit Card

Download Credit Card Payment Form (PDF, 88KB) and fax the form to 03 442 4778.

Direct Credit

You will need to identify Queenstown Lakes District Council as the payee and ensure that the infringement number is specified in the particulars field

Account number 02 0948 000 2000 00

* You must use the parking ticket number as the reference


Please send all cheques to: Private Bag 50072

Queenstown, 9348

* Please write the parking ticket number on the back of the cheque

Please do not post cash. We do not accept foreign cheques or payments in a foreign currency.  Bank drafts must be drawn on a New Zealand bank in New Zealand dollars.  We also accept New Zealand Post Money Orders.

In person

You can also pay in person (Cash, Eftpos Visa or MasterCard ) at Queenstown Lakes District Council.

Queenstown Lakes District Council
10 Gorge Road, Queenstown


Queenstown Lakes District Council
47 Ardmore Street, Wanaka

(Please note we do not accept American Express or Diners)