Hazardous Substances New Organisms (HSNO) Act

The Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) administers HSNO legislation. However, there are a number of agencies responsible for enforcing the HSNO Act.

These include Queenstown Lakes District Council who has been contracted by the Department of Labour, to enforce the provisions of the Act in any work place.

Queenstown Lakes District Council also enforce the provisions of the Act for non-work places for Queenstown Lakes District area.

Your HSNO Obligations

All hazardous substances are subject to the Hazardous Substances and New Organisms (HSNO) Act

This could mean that you have to obtain test certificates to confirm your site is to the required standard and that staff are trained. A Test Certificate is a document that shows a site (including equipment) or a person meets the standards for safe use of a hazardous substance. The certificates are issued by an EPA approved test certifier.

There are specific requirements to be followed to safely manage hazardous substances’. Responsibility for HSNO rests with the “person in charge”, who can be the owner, lessee, sub-lessee, or the occupier of the premise.

What is a Hazardous Substance?

There is a wide range of hazardous substances from industrial chemicals to everyday household products:

A hazardous substance will have one or more of the following properties

  • Explosive
  • Flammable
  • Able to oxidise (accelerate a fire)
  • Poisonous to people
  • Corrosive (to human tissue or metal)
  • Harmful to the environment

Where do I find information on HSNO and Test Certifiers?

Further information regarding the HSNO can be found at www.epa.govt.nz or by contacting:

Department of Labour 0800 209 020 or Queenstown Lakes District Council 03 441 0499