Other Information

Natural Hazards

Natural hazards are naturally occurring events such as earthquakes, floods, landslides which potentially damage property and threaten human life. Parts of the district are more prone to these types of events than others.

The Otago Regional Council has a number of publications relating to the risks posed by natural hazards.

The QLDC has a Hazards Register which members of the public can view for free.

People who are considering buying an existing property are also advised to obtain a LIM (Land Information Memorandum) detailing any information the Council may hold on a particular property. 


Quotable Value New Zealand Revaluations

The Valuation Rolls for Queenstown Lakes District Council have been provided by Quotable Value New Zealand Limited (as the Council's valuation service provider).

The latest Rating Values are as at 1 July 2017 (effective 1 July 2018 for rating purposes). New notices of valuation were posted to owners and ratepayers in October 2017. Please note that a change to the rateable value of your property will not necessarily reflect in your rates.


Otago Regional Council Rates

The Otago Regional Council (ORC) levies and collects its own regional rates.

Before July 2003, the ORC collected rates through QLDC.  This made it extremely difficult for ratepayers to understand what they were actually getting for their regional rates.  Since July 2003, all ratepayers in the Otago region receive a separate rates invoice from ORC, and information on how the regional rates are spent.


What do the ORC rates pay for?

The rates paid to ORC go towards funding their activities.

This includes water resources and quality, air quality, climate monitoring, animal and pest plant control, hazard and emergency management, biodiversity, resource consents and compliance, land sustainability, transport planning and coastal and harbour management.

Regional rates cannot be paid at Queenstown Lakes District Council offices.


More Information

Phone the ORC call centre on 0800 474 082 or contact them online using the link below: