VA Definitions


Camping ground / Motor parks / Holiday parks

An area with the facility to pitch tents, park motor homes or caravans and can have cabins or units for letting as well.


Homestay / Bed and breakfast

Where the residents invite guests to stay on their property at the same time that they are in residence.


Holiday Home

A stand-alone or duplex (duplex = where two units are joined by a common wall) residential unit let out short term (< 3 months at one time) to guests while the residents are not in occupancy.


Backpackers / Boarding house / Hostel

Dorm type rooms with shared facilities.



Any premises used or intended to be in the course of business principally for the provision to the public of: (a) Lodging; (b) Liquor, meals and refreshments for consumption on the premises.


Motel / Motor Inn

A number of units provided for short term accommodation. Differs from Hotel in that the facility usually does not provide liquor & meal facilities.


Apartments / Town houses / Units

Three or more residential units within a single building.


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