Development contributions estimate calculator

Before you begin to use this estimates calculator, please be aware of its limitations and the information provided by it.

Please read and acknowledge these limitations first.

I acknowledge that:

  • This development contributions estimator has been simplified for ease of use, and is not necessarily 100% accurate. It is designed to give me an indication of what development contributions may be required for a proposed development.

  • The resulting estimate is based on my own inputs, and I will not rely on it. A formal development contributions notice will be provided to me by a Development Contribution Officer once I have an approved building consent or resource consent granted.

  • The resulting estimate is based on prices outlined in the 2018/19 Queenstown Lakes District Council development contributions policy. If this policy changes before I lodge my consent the estimate will no longer be valid.

  • The Council makes no warranty, express or implied, nor assumes any legal liability or responsibility for the accuracy, correctness, completeness or use of this development contributions estimator or any information provided by it. To the extent permissible by law, the Council expressly disclaims any liability to the applicant (under any theory of law including negligence) in relation to this development contributions estimator.

  • The DC Calculator has been simplified to calculate estimates for the following activities within residential/urban zoned areas: residential flats, additional dwellings on site, residential subdivision of land, retirement units and multi-unit residential developments.

  • Any Commercial, Industrial, Visitor Accommodation, Restaurant/Bar & Childcare activities, change in use and any rural based developments will require a Development Contributions Estimate Request Form to be lodged and assessed by Council's DC Officer.

By clicking on the document link below you acknowledge the limitations outlined above.

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