Wanaka Recycling

Kerbside Recycling Collection Days

Kerbside recycling is carried out by Smart Environmental in the Upper Clutha area.

Please put your recycling crate out by 7am on your normal collection day.

Recycling - what you need to know

The below brochure has been produced for residents and visitors to print out and stick to their fridge. It is particularity useful for those with rental homes or anyone letting rooms to visitors (such as Airbnb).

All residentially rated properties now have two black recycling crates for the following recyclable materials:

Wanaka CrateCrate 1:

  • Glass bottles and jars only.  Washed with the lids off.

Crate 2:

  • Plastics 1-7.  Washed, squashed and lids off.
  • Tins and aluminium cans and foil.  Washed and squashed.
  • Paper and cardboard items.  For example office paper, magazines, newspaper, egg cartons, cereal boxes.

Newspaper and small bits of cardboard can be tied or placed in plastic bags to stop it blowing away. Place this on top of your other recyclables to hold them down.   

Please ensure you separate your recyclables with glass in one crate and all other recyclables in the other. This will ensure the best value is obtained from each product recycled and helps speed up the collection process.

NOTE: Wanaka glass recycling

At present kerbside glass collected in Wanaka is colour sorted and sent to Auckland to be turned back into glass bottles. A new kerbside collection service for glass will commence district wide in July 2019. What we end up doing with the glass material is yet to be decided.

Recycling No-nos

  • Drinking glasses
  • Lightbulbs (normal or eco) 
  • Ceramics, crockery and porcelain
  • Liquids
  • Clingfilm
  • Meat trays
  • Clothing
  • Mirrors
  • Computers and electronics
  • Plastic shopping bags
  • Disposable nappies
  • Paint or chemicals
  • Expanded polystyrene
  • Plastic film
  • Food waste
  • Toys
  • Garden waste
  • Window or windscreen glass 
  • Hot ashes


Wanaka Wastebusters Recycling Centre

Wanaka Wastebusters is located on the corner of Ballantyne Rd and Riverbank Rd. View on Google maps

The recycling centre opening hours are 9am - 5pm, seven days (closed on Christmas Day, Easter Friday and the morning of ANZAC day).

Wanaka Wastebusters is a community enterprise which uses any profits to support the community and minimise waste.

→ Visit the Wanaka Wastebusters website for full information

You can drop off for recycling:

  • household recycling (plastics 1-7, cans, glass bottles, paper and cardboard), $1 charge per recycling crate
  • appliances whiteware (sorry, no fridges or freezers), $5 - $15 charge
  • electronics (including computers, printers, cell phones), various charges apply
  • scrap metal
  • polystyrene (this must be clean and white)
  • used engine oil and machine lubricating oil - 50c per litre
  • used vegetable oil (free collection service for restaurants and take-away bars)
  • rechargeable batteries
  • compact fluorescent light bulbs (eco light bulbs)
  • printer cartridges
  • shrink wrap (clean plastic wrap with identified as number 4 plastic)
  • reusable glass bottles (Emersons, Green Man, Speights/ABC swappa-crate)


Recycling Electronics

Wanaka Wastebusters recycle old computers and other electronic equipment including cellphones. A charge applies to cover the cost of safe electronics recycling. Cellphones are free to recycle.

See a a full list of electronics charges on the Wanaka Wastebusters website.

Please note that CRT televisions can no longer be recycled at either Wanaka or Queenstown centres.

Does the Wanaka Wastebusters Recycling Centre have a re-use shop?

Yes! The Wanaka Wastebusters ‘re-store’ shop accepts items that are in working order and good condition for resale. Items for sale include second hand goods such as furniture, bedding, clothes, electrical items, books, building materials and sports equipment. They offer a free pick-up service for donations of household goods and furniture, call (03) 443 8606 extension 2.

wastebusters shop


Wanaka Wastebusters Business and Events Recycling

Wanaka Wastebusters run a business recycling collections service in Wanaka, and also do the recycling and waste management at events in the Southern Lakes area. Please call (03) 443-8606 x 5 or go to the Wanaka Wastebusters website to find out more.