Pollution Response

Pollution response is managed jointly by Queenstown Lakes District Council and the Otago Regional Council.

Any form of pollution is serious and it is important that any spills are contained quickly and safely.  Please phone the 24 hour pollution hotline if you notice a pollution spill.

Pollution Hotline

Phone 03 441 0499 Queenstown or 03 443 0024 Wanaka to report pollution spills - 24/7


Who is responsible for what?  

Air Pollution:

Otago Regional Council, phone 03 474 0827.

Land Pollution:

Queenstown Lakes District Council, phone 03 441 0499 Queenstown or 03 443 0024 Wanaka.

Water Pollution:

Shared between Queenstown Lakes District Council and Otago Regional Council.


Information to provide when reporting a pollution spill

  • Your name and phone number.
  • Location of the pollution and the suspected source.
  • Whether you saw someone cause the spill.
  • The nature of the spill – for example is it bubbling or foaming?
  • What do you think the substance might be.
  • Whether you think the spill might cause harm to people and property.