Arrowtown Historic Zone Tree Maintenance

Find out the steps you can take if you need to remove or prune a tree in the Residential Arrowtown Historic Management Zone.

What is the Residential Arrowtown Historic Management Zone?

Historic Arrowtown has a truly unique character.  The Council wants to make sure this character is protected and has introduced a special zone called the Residential Arrowtown Historic Management Zone, which restricts any maintenance or removal of trees in that area.  There are steps you can take if you have legitimate reason to either have a tree removed or pruned in this zone – but you might need a resource consent.


The Residential Arrowtown Historic Management Zone

The light purple area indicates the historic zone. 

 Map of Arrowtown Historic Zone - purple shade indicates the Historic area.


What can I do if I want to prune or cut down a tree within the zone?

Step one

Contact the Council – You will need to tell us your name, address, where the tree is located and what work you propose should be carried out.

Step two

This information will be passed on to the Parks Team who will do a site inspection and assess the request.

Step three

The Parks Manager will advise whether a resource consent is required or if there is another more appropriate course of action.  In any case where a tree is to be removed the Arrowtown Advisory Group will be consulted prior to approval.  All applications are considered on a case by case basis.

Step four

If approved, the work can be carried out.


What if I do require a resource consent?

The Council will cover the cost of resource consent fees.  Fill in an application form online or pick one up from the Arrowtown Library or Queenstown Council office.

If you remove or prune a tree within this zone, without consent then you could receive a fine under the Resource Management Act 1991.


Are there any other costs involved?

You might be required to get an independent arborists report, especially if you are proposing to remove a tree.  This will be at your own cost.

Tree pruning/removal on private property – you will have to cover all costs involved in pruning/removal.

Tree pruning/removal on Council land – the cost of pruning/removal will be subject to negotiation.