QLDC are responsible for managing, improving and maintaining the local transport network. This includes:

  • Local roads
  • Walking and cycling routes
  • Parking management and enforcement
  • Bus stops

Exceptions include:

  • State Highways (managed by the New Zealand Transport Agency, NZTA)
  • Public transport services (managed by Otago Regional Council, ORC)

Driving in New Zealand for the first time?

See our Driving in New Zealand page and check out the quick guides below:

Traffic Cameras

View the NZTA live cameras here


Transport Updates and Road Conditions

QLDC provides information on the status of roads through various channels. Updates are also broadcast on local radio stations.

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Sign Up for Morning Winter Road Reports

QLDC Community Text Alerts

► State Highway conditions

► View Milford Road status

Weather Forecast (MetService) 

► Queenstown

► Wanaka

Please note:

  • Chains should always be carried during the winter on the Crown Range and other alpine passes
  • Reports may not be sent out if there is an extended period of fine weather
  • We're not able to list every patch of ice and conditions can change rapidly. Drivers should exercise common sense and drive cautiously on a daily basis.

Other Information