Sustainable Driving Tips

Sometimes using the car is the only practical way of getting from A to B - but by making a few simple changes, it's easy to drive greener. 

We all know that its important to get at least 30 minutes of exercise every day, and that for short trips we are better off to walk or cycle.   However, for some of us, driving has become an essential part of life.

There are a few simple changes you can make to minimise exhaust gases, drive greener and save you money:

Think before you drive

Did you know that, on short car journeys, the engine doesn't get the chance to warm up properly and creates more pollution?  Many of the trips we make are relatively short, which means that walking, cycling or using the bus is often an attractive alternative.

Link your trips together

Instead of making lots of separate trips to and from your home, think ahead and link them together to prevent money being wasted on fuel. Doing this will also save time and reduce engine wear and tear by cutting down on the number of times you start your car with a cold engine.

Keep in tune with your car

A few little adjustments can make a big difference. Top tips include:

  • Keep your engine serviced - this reduces emissions.
  • Ensure tyres are inflated to the correct pressure; this lengthens their life and reduces emissions
  • Clear out your car regularly. Carrying luggage that you don't need in the boot or on the roof rack increases fuel consumption.