Parking strategies for Queenstown and Frankton

We are currently developing a detailed business case (DBC) surrounding aspects of the Queenstown Integrated Transport programme business case and the Town Centre Masterplan which relate to all public on and off road parking areas within Queenstown and Frankton.

As part of this process, QLDC and consultants have been working together to clearly understand what is currently in place for parking in these areas. As this needs to be a snapshot in time, further changes to parking have been put on hold until a detailed picture is gathered (for instance, this means that new car pool permits will not be issued until the DBC is completed).

The DBC is expected to be complete in March 2019 and will enable us to determine the best approach for implementing these changes and develop a transition plan. This would involve staged plans to ensure that there are minimal disruptions to the community while improvements are made.

Queenstown parking map Frankton parking map
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To develop the Queenstown strategy, the key issues that are being considered include:

  • car parking capacity - this includes assessing parking meter data as well as school pick-ups and drop-offs
  • the suitability of bylaws and how effective our current parking enforcement is
  • park and ride sites – consideration of how and where they may operate
  • the effectiveness of resident parking schemes, carpooling options, and also campervan parking
  • the extent of verge parking in the area
  • the best approach for events - whether additional parking should be provided or more public transport and/or taxis 
  • strategies for educating visitors
  • current and future payment types for parking 
  • the use of technologies to improve wayfinding, payment and management of parking; and
  • priority parking - determining what type of transport (e.g. coach, freight, or tourist) should have priority on certain roads and in certain times.

To develop the Frankton strategy, the key issues that are being considered include:

  • the parking types and patterns in the residential area
  • what level of control is needed for protecting grass verges
  • the parking types and patterns within Glenda Drive industrial zone (how to best use the available road space, particularly relating to on-street loading zones)
  • the impact that SH6 parking removal has had on the Frankton residential area; and
  • how to manage parking at the waterfront.