Walking and Cycling

Why not combine travelling with exercise and benefit your heart and your wallet? Walking or cycling is a great option for short journeys around the district.

There are some stunning tracks and trails in the Queenstown Lakes District. Escape into paradise on the way to work or school on foot, or by cycle!

Popular routes in Queenstown:

Frankton Arm Walkway

This is a well used lakeside track that has great views of the lake and mountains.

SH 6

Also along the lakeside is the shared pedestrian and cycle path that travels the State Highway.

Kelvin Peninsula Walkway

For the avid cycle commuter joining the Kelvin Peninsula walkway with the Frankton Arm Walkway offers  a scenic lakeside route into Queenstown.

Town Link Trail

A pleasant stroll or bike ride linking Queenstown to the Fernhill residential area.

Tips for preparing a route to work or school

1. Plan your route

The best route to walk or cycle to work may be different from what you prefer driving.  If you can, link into some of the local tracks and trails to make your journey less like travelling to work and more like play.

2. Predict your travel time

For the first waking commute plan on a pace of 10 – 15 min per km for walking.  If you are cycling, times will vary depending on the terrain, but count on a pace of approximately 20km per hour.

3. Wear the right clothes

Can you walk or ride in your work clothes?  This depends on the weather, length of your journey and the speed at which you want to travel.  Sports shoes are best - they will support your feet when walking and help to prevent slip on the pedal when cycling.

4. Carrying your stuff

Your bag or briefcase will be uncomfortable to carry, especially if you are cycling.   Try putting them into a backpack to allow you to carry the load while maintaining good posture and balance.

On Foot By Cycle Strategy

The On Foot By Cycle strategy, which was adopted in 2008, sets out how the Council will make infrastructure improvements to promote walking and cycling.