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Please note that this feed is from our Facebook page and also contains other Council news unrelated to road conditions. Check the timestamp at the top of posts to see when updates were made.

How We Provide Updates

During the winter months Queenstown Lakes District roads experience alpine conditions. Ice and frost are widespread and a number of areas including the Crown Range regularly get snow.

QLDC provides information on the status of roads in our district through various channels during this period. Updates on local road conditions are also broadcast on local radio stations.

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For updates on South Island State Highway conditions visit the NZTA links below or phone 0800 44 44 49.

► State Highway Conditions

 View Milford Road Status (NZTA Website)

Note: The NZTA does not provide information on the Crown Range Road as it is not a state highway.

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Be Aware

Please note: 

  • These reports are a general overview of the conditions at one particular moment in time and may not be sent out if there is an extended period of fine weather.

  • We're not able to list every patch of ice and as conditions can change rapidly, drivers will need to exercise common sense and drive cautiously on a daily basis.

  • Those who use the Crown Range and other alpine passes are reminded that chains should always be carried during the winter.