The Council encourages all businesses to implement staff travel choice initiatives.


Leading by example

The Council has its own travel choice initiative underway.  A small group of staff members are working together to figure out innovative ways to encourage the rest of the team to make responsible travel choices when travelling to work or during business activities.


Benefits of implementing travel choice initiatives for staff include:

  • Improved transport options
  • Reduced need to travel
  • Helping reduce congestion - it's much nicer to travel and live beside unclogged roads.
  • Helping to improve air quality
  • Promoting sustainable travel.
  • It is healthier to walk and cycle


Simple changes to encourage smarter travel choice for your business


Become an active transport friendly employer

  • Provide access to showers and lockers for people who walk or ride their bikes to work.
  • Provide safe and secure areas for people to store their bikes during the day.

Encourage car-pooling

  • Host a “meet and greet” session for staff to find fellow car pool partners.
  • Establish priority parking for car poolers.

Encourage alternate forms of business travel

  • Walk to meetings where possible.
  • Make teleconferencing or videoconferencing available to reduce the need to travel.
  • Keep public transport tickets on hand for staff to use when going to meetings or site visits.
  • Make bicycles available for staff for travel to meetings at work.

Spread the word

  • Keep your message simple and communicate regularly.
  • Promote the health and environmental benefits of using public transport, cycling and walking.
  • Promote the commitment of staff using sustainable travel choices.
  • Provide information and links on public transport services on the company intranet.