The Council is committed to working with schools all around the district to increase safe travel choices and help make the school journey safer and healthier for everyone. If you're searching for schools, or a specific one in general, the Ministry of Education provides an entire database of them, including contact details.

School Travel Planning

Car trips to school add to traffic congestion, parking hassles, safety issues and air pollution.  Many children would rather walk or cycle to school, especially with their friends. 

A School Travel Plan is a series of practical steps that promotes healthy and sustainable transport options that aims to reduce congestion and improve children’s safety on the journey to and from school. Travel plans are a partnership between schools and Council, involving school communities and other agencies such as NZTA, NZ Police, ACC and local businesses. 

All schools in the district carry out annual travel surveys and participate in road safety programmes which aim to encourage safety around walking, biking, scootering and bussing.  

School Travel Plans are currently underway at these local schools:

Benefits of School Travel Planning

  • Increased health and well-being, improved cognition
  • Less congestion and pollution
  • Increased road safety around schools
  • Stronger communities, more opportunities for children to meet new friends


School travel plan actions could include:

  • Implementing road safety education
  • Identifying safety issues on the roading network that are barriers to walking, biking or bussing to and from school
  • Promoting walking, cycling and public transport

Help from the Community

Parents from each school community make an important contribution to a school’s travel plan activities ranging from attending working group meetings and taking part in surveys to volunteering on a “walking school bus”.  But it’s not only parents who help out.  Many families find time and work constraints make it difficult to help out on a regular basis.  Expertise also comes from the grandparents, local residents Rotary and Probus volunteers in our community.  

Contact us

For more information and advice on School Travel Plans, please contact the Council on 03 441 0499 Queenstown or 03 443 0024 Wanaka.


Schools & Contact Details

Head to the Ministry of Education's website for a database of all schools, and associated contact details.