Arrowtown School Travel Plan

In Term 1 2016 Arrowtown School had a roll of 560 of year 0-8 students. Council and the School are working together to support safe routes to school initiatives. Infrastructure improvements carried out near the school have included measures such as crossing points and traffic calming on Cotters Ave, footpaths on Devon Street and extending the 40km/h school zone in 2016. The school has carried out parent travel surveys, annual student travel surveys, parent working group meetings, held “Walk n Wheel” events and run programmes with Council and Police to promote safe walking, bussing, biking and scootering.

Council implemented its first “Walk n Wheels” campaign across the region, involving 8 schools in a week long promotion of safe walking and cycling.  This community-focussed campaign resulted in schools taking on cycle skills programmes involving Sport Central, NZ Police, Racers Edge and Element.  Fancy feet day competitions were held, as well as go by bike days.  During the week schools more than doubled the numbers of children who walked and biked to school and Council plans to carry out a similar event again in 2012.

Initiatives like the above continue to encourage participation to allow children safe, sustainable travel options for getting to and from school.

A map is available to help guide families on safe walking/cycling routes and pick up drop off options near the school: