Hawea Flat School Travel Plan

To identify current travel patterns and to identify modes of transport students of Hawea Flat School were currently using to get to and from school and to identify any issues in regards to student safety, a parent survey was completed in July 2009.

>> Read the collated results summary for this survey here  (pdf 524KB)

A travel plan was then implemented.

>> Read some of the 'feet first' stories here  (pdf 102KB)

The children of Hawea Flat School ran a cycle safety and fun week for the last week of term for 2009.  This was followed up with the pupils getting involved in Bikewise Month in February 2010 by celebrating Go By Bike Day, by joining in on the newly-established cycle-train.

One year on, to ensure the implementation of the travel plan was receiving the desired results of increasing travel choices for children and that safety issues had been addressed, another Parent Travel Survey was carried out in September 2010.

>> Read the results of the Parent Travel Survey for September 2010 here  (pdf 592KB)

To build a profile of travel choice over time for the children of Hawea Flat School, an annual 'hands up' Student survey will be done at a similar time each year.

This information can also help the School and Council monitor the school's travel plan programme.

>> Read the summary of the March 2011 Student Travel Survey here  (pdf 1.54MB)