Remarkables Primary School

The roll at Remarkables Primary as at term 1 2016 is 533 for year 0-8 students.  Council and the School have been working together to support safe routes to school initiatives.  Council put in place some infrastructure measures in conjunction with NZTA prior to the school opening.  Since then Remarkables Primary has carried out 2 parent travel surveys, annual student travel surveys, parent working group meetings, held “Walk n Wheel” events and run regular programmes with Council and Police to promote safe walking, bussing, biking and scootering.

Student travel surveys will be carried out at Remarkables Primary School at a similar time every 12 months in order to build a profile of travel choice over time.  This information can also help the school and the Council monitor the school's travel plan programme.

The methodology of collecting data for the above is teachers have been asked to collect classroom or 'hands up' surveys each morning for the five days on how the children travelled to and from school.

Maps are available to help guide families on safe walking/cycling routes and pick up drop off options near the school:

Articles about road safety education