Connecting to Water, Wastewater and Stormwater

If requesting a new connection to QLDC services such as the water, piped sewer (wastewater) and/or stormwater systems, then an application needs to be completed.

This may be for property in its current state or in relation to proposed building work.

It may be for a permanent or temporary connection to these QLDC services.

Examples of when an application is required

  • Where new council wastewater (sewers) will be installed in a road that previously did not have it, and QLDC requires connection to it. The property currently has a septic tank system
  • Where a small subdivision is taking place on a property, and the property owner or developer is managing the build
  • Where there is no 'lateral' connection in existence from the sewer to the property boundary

Examples of when an application is not required

  • If a developer/agent is managing or undertaking the building work on behalf of the property owner. They will usually do the application
  • In a large new subdivision or residential development, the developer will usually be arranging connections on behalf of the owners, including for the first properties to be built in a staged development

Where is mapping of water services found?

QLDC GIS mapping of these three water types as underground services can be found here.

Is there a time limit to complete connection?

If approved, it is issued with a one-year expiry.

How to apply?

Use the form for connecting to council services.

Also use this form if proposing a driveway that will cross council property to connect with a road.

If services are requested for more than one property, then each requires a separate application.

Once an application is entered into the QLDC system, a unique identifier will be assigned starting with CC e.g. CC180001.

Email the completed application to

What about Onsite Wastewater Disposal Systems?

Guidance and forms are here.