Use Water Wisely

With so many lakes and rivers around it might sound surprising that water conservation is such a big issue in our beautiful district.

However our freshwater supply is far from endless.  Over summer, demand for water soars and unfortunately in some communities, the demand can be so high that our infrastructure simply can’t keep up. 

To ensure we can provide sufficient water for public health and fire-fighting requirements, we often need to introduce water restrictions.  If we can all change our habits, we’ll reduce the chance of restrictions being required, and help to ensure we have the same access to water in the future as we have today.   

Saving Water Starts at Home

Everyone can do their bit to save water and every drop counts.   The easiest way to start is by fixing any water leaks you have at home.   Once your home is leak free, start thinking about some simple changes you can make to the way you use water.  Here are some ideas:   

In the bathroom

♦ Turn the tap off when you brush your teeth.
If you brush your teeth twice a day, for two minutes each time, and leave the tap running, you could be wasting around 12 litres (or just over a bucket) of water a day. That’s over 4,300 litres per person, per year.

♦ Use a plug in the basin when shaving rather than letting the tap run or shaving in the shower.
Install a water efficient showerhead – using less hot water means you’ll also save on your energy bills and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. You’ll also save lots of water.

♦ Reduce your shower time.
Every minute you cut from your shower time could save up to 20 litres a day. Use the half-flush option whenever possible. For older toilets put a filled bottle in the cistern (tank), it can save you a litre of water every flush. Check for toilet leaks by putting a few drops of food colouring into the cistern and waiting for 30 minutes. If you have a leaking toilet, you will see coloured water in the toilet bowl and need to contact a plumber. A slow, barely visible leak into your toilet bowl can waste more than 4,000 litres of water a year.


In the Kitchen / Cooking

♦ Keep drinking water in the fridge
Keep a bottle of drinking water in the fridge so you don't need to run the tap for a minute or so until the water runs cold.  This can save up to two litres of water per glass! 

♦ Buy efficient whiteware
Ask questions about water efficiency when buying whiteware and only run full loads, which can save up to 3,700 litres a month.

♦ A scrape will do! 
Modern dishwashers and detergents mean there's no need to pre-rinse.  Just give your dishes a scrape and pop them straight into the machine.   

♦ Use less detergent
If you're washing dishes by hand, use the minimum amount of dishwashing detergent or buy a low suds one.  This will reduce the amount of rinse water required. 

♦ Wash veges in a pot of water
Fill a pot or bowl of water to wash vegetables rather than running the tap. 

♦ Buy efficient whiteware.
Ask questions about water efficiency when buying whiteware and only run full loads, which can save up to 3,700 litres a month.


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