Waste Water

The safe management of human waste is a core function of the Council. This page explains how the Council works to protect public health and ensure we maintain a pristine environment for our residents and visitors.

Wastewater is water that has been used for washing, flushing, or in a manufacturing process and therefore contains waste products, also known as sewerage. The Council maintains seven public wastewater schemes throughout the Queenstown Lakes District – Queenstown, Wanaka, Arrowtown, Hawea, Albert Town, Lake Hayes and Arthur’s Point.

New community projects

The development of reticulated wastewater treatment infrastructure is a major investment that takes significant time and capital to build. There are several projects within the QLDC district that are at various stages of feasibility assessment and development.  The timing of any of these projects is not guaranteed and can change for multiple reasons.

For latest updates on new infrastructure projects please see the links below


On-site Wastewater Disposal

Property owners wanting to build in areas without a council reticulated wastewater network need to consider their options carefully.  In most cases a domestic Onsite Wastewater Disposal system will need to be designed and installed for the property to allow discharge to land. If improperly designed or installed these systems have the potential to contaminate waterways and areas outside the property. To install an onsite system a QLDC Building Consent will be required. In certain cases a QLDC or Otago Regional Council Resource Consent may also be required.

For information guidance and application forms for Onsite Wastewater System Building Consents, please click here.