Be a Candidate

Ever thought about running for Council or the Wānaka Community Board? Deciding to become an elected member and to play a significant role in your local community is a big and rewarding decision

The videos below are from LGNZ and show what you can expect in each of the various roles you might choose to put yourself forward for in the 2019 local elections. Each video begins with a summary of what will be covered and are best watched on a Chrome browser.

After watching these videos we recommend you:

  • Head to one of our next Council or Wānaka Community Board meetings (click here to view the schedule)
  • Take a look through QLDC’s Candidate Guide and Pre-Election Report (links below)
  • Visit the LGNZ website for more information:

Nominations for all positions open at 8.00 am on Friday 19 July and close at 12.00 noon sharp on Friday 16 August.  

Mayoral Nomination Form (161.44 KB)

Queenstown-Wakatipu Ward Councillor Nomination Form (162.74 KB)

Arrowtown Ward Nomination Form (161.63 KB)

Wānaka Ward Nomination Form (161.55 KB)

Wānaka Community Board Nomination Form (158.68 KB)

Useful links:

Video One: What do elected members do and what roles are there?

Video Two: What do you need to be an elected member and what support is there?

Video Three: How do councils work and how are they funded?

Video Four: What are the requirements for nomination?

Video Five: What will the first days be like as an elected member?