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Nominations and standing for election

Are you thinking about running for Council or the Wānaka-Upper Clutha Community Board?

Whether you’re interested in standing for election yourself, or think you know just the right person, here is some information to get you started.

  • You can choose to run for Mayor, Councillor, or Community Board Member.

    In Queenstown Lakes there are three wards in which you can stand as a Councillor:

    • Queenstown-Whakatipu (four Ward Councillors)

    • Arrowtown-Kawarau (three Ward Councillors)

    • Wānaka-Upper Clutha (four Ward Councillors)

    There is also the Wānaka-Upper Clutha Community Board which has four elected members.

  • You will be an advocate and a leader for your community.

    There will be community engagements and activities to get involved in, as well as regular Council meetings and workshops to attend.

    You’ll need to factor in some time before meetings to read agendas or briefing papers.

    You’ll also need to attend your local community association meetings as well as meetings of other stakeholder and special interest groups to which you are appointed. 

  • This depends on what role you run for. The role of Mayor is full-time and involves weekend and evening events.

    The role of Councillor and Community Board member are still busy, but it is possible to maintain some work commitments elsewhere. 

    Meetings are often held during daytime hours so you will need to have an employer who is open to some flexibility. 

    Being available to your community is an important part of the role, and this may include attending community events.

    Successful candidates will be busy in the months following the election, and it is recommended that candidates have a think about what their plans are for the last few months of 2022. There will be a detailed training and induction programme for all newly elected members – as well as a refresher for returning members. 

  • Yes, although it varies for different roles and additional responsibilities.

    The role of Mayor is a full-time job, and this is reflected in a salary that is larger than Councillors or Community Board members. By contrast, because of the part-time nature of the role, community board members are paid $12,159 and the board chair about double that amount. 

    Pay and allowances are determined by the Government's Remuneration Authority, and you can find out the current determinations at

  • Anyone! As long as you are a New Zealand citizen and enrolled to vote.

  • You do not need to live in a specific area to stand as a candidate in that area.  However, both of your nominators must be registered as voters in that area. 

  • No. You do not need any formal qualifications. Elected members come from all walks of life and generally have a desire to serve their community.

  • Newly elected members will attend an induction by Local Government New Zealand and all elected members will receive a handbook and information pack which contains general information about being an elected member such as technology and technological support provided, conflict of interest, tax and salary arrangements, and parking.

  • Candidates standing for QLDC must be nominated by two people on the electoral roll in the ward they are standing in. Nomination forms will be available on the QLDC website and in hard copy from Council offices from 15 July 2022.

    Your nomination will include a candidate profile statement of up to 150 words and a recent photograph.  You must also pay a $200 election deposit, which in most cases will be refunded after the election. 

  • Candidate nominations open 15 July and close on 12 August at 12 noon. We will keep our website and social media channels up to date with the latest information, including the nomination form.

  • You can promote your campaign via many different kinds of media – signage, website, social media, print media, radio and mail but please remember to ensure that all advertising identifies the person under whose authority it has been produced.  This is usually the candidate’s name and their contact details.

    Election campaigning can begin at any time and can continue up to and including election day.

    The exception is that all electioneering signage must be removed by the beginning of election day (8 October 2022). To be on the safe side we recommend removing it by the end of the day on 7 October.

  • Election day is Saturday 8 October.

    Due to early processing of voting papers, the Council will receive a progress result by about 1.00pm.  This represents a count of about 90% of the voting papers cast.  Based upon these results the Electoral Officer and Chief Executive will telephone all candidates to advise them personally of the outcome.

    Once all candidates have been advised of the progress result, it will be circulated publicly via the QLDC website. This should occur by 2.00pm on 8 October.

  • The final result will include votes submitted in person on 8 October as well as special votes. Unless a result is very close, it should not change the outcome of what was reported on 8 October.

    The final election result is known as the ‘official result’ and will be publicly advertised.

    It is anticipated that this public notice will occur on Thursday, 13 October 2022.

  • Everyone who stood for election is required by law to lodge a return of expenses form.

    This sets out what the candidate has spent on his or her campaign and identifies any donations greater than $1,500. It must be submitted within 55 days of the official result.

  • A local authority may pay a childcare allowance to an eligible member.

    This would be a contribution towards expenses incurred by the member for childcare provided while the member is engaged on local authority business.


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